5 thoughts on “Contact Steven”

  1. I read thoses two books very interesting to make a study with my BIBLE.HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU STEVEN.

    • Dear Solange:

      Thank you for taking the time to write to me an encourage me concerning my books, The Last Days Calendar and The Revelation of Jesus Christ. It is always nice to hear from you.

      Blessings in Messiah Yeshua, Bro. Steven Sherman

  2. hello, reading through your cult section, you have JW’s religious explanation list as SDA’s, one now wonders now how true your info is if this error was not caught.

  3. Hey Steven,

    This is Jack Kirkland. I met with you maybe 10 years ago when I visited my daughter who was the living in St. Petersburg. Are you still teaching and doing well? I just found you online, luckily, because there are a lot of Steven Shermans on line.

    I am still PreWrath and will be teach it to my Sunday school class, where most are PreTrib. The teacher we had two years ago went through Revelation. I expressed my opinion at key verses. He’s no longer there. The two other teachers decided to go teach the Prophecy of Jesus first coming. I said I would like to teach about his second coming, which I will be doing in a few weeks. I will be using info from your book about the Fall Feasts. I just found more about that from your website.

    Are you familiar with Alan Kurschner another PreWrath person. His website is Eschatos Ministries. I get all his emails. He’s very good and has debated with Thomas Ice.

    Hope to hear from you. Would love to come down to FL, but won’t doing that for awhile.

    Jack Kirkland

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